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Burning Man is an annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance. Black Rock City is an experiment in temporary community. Every year approximately 70,000 people participate in the event. This is the story of two of them.


Through this virtual reality journey we narrate our first experience at becoming part of this community. By putting together some VR footage and music, we will "attempt" to describe our daily living, mixed with fun stuff and inspiring moments, that truly, as many have said, is a life changing experience.


We will also explore the 10 principles that serve as guidelines to coexist in the community:

#1 Radical Inclusion.

#2 Civil Responsibility.

#3 Gifting.

#4 Decommodification.

#5 Participation.

#6 Immediacy.

#7 Radical Self-Expresion.

#8 Radical Self-Reliance.

#9 Communal Effort.

#10 Leave no Trace.

Episode 01: Arrival
Episode 01: Arrival