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I started my journey as a filmmaker back home in Venezuela by joining the "Autonomous National Center of Cinematography" (CNAC), but my dream of becoming an editor began when I was introduced to the post-production side of filmmaking and discovered the "invisible art" of editing. As my passion for film intensified, I decided to move to Los Angeles to continue my film education. I completed a one-year filmmaking program at the New York Film Academy where I gained valuable experience and knowledge in all aspects of filmmaking: writing, producing, directing, camera and acting. Learning each facet of filmmaking has given me a great perspective on the editing process and showed me that the only way to make a successful project is to collaborate and understand all the departments involved.


8 years ago I created my own freelance editing company: AHVfilm; and I am also the Senior Editor for JLB Media Company since 2016. As a freelancer and senior editor, I gained valuable industry experience, excelled at recognizing and delivering on client needs, and managed challenges faced by the post-production team outside the editing room.  I am fully versed in codecs, specs, aspect ratios and any other technical information required by the client or other post productions steps (color correcting, audio design, scoring, etc.). 


While I love the visual story at its fullest, I excel as an editor and bring a unique eye to the process. I look forward to speaking with you about your current and future editing needs.



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Antonio Herrera-Vaillant


Film Editor








“I didn't choose editing, editing chose me.”

– Hervé Schneid